Who Am I?

I’m Jonathan Li and I’m a data driven and growth focused marketer with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Entrepreneurship/Marketing. I’ve been working in the digital marketing industry for 14 years and 3 agencies/100+ clients later, I’m just as fascinated with digital marketing as the day I started. 

I’m passionate about teamwork, creativity and solving problems. Through my career, I’ve been lucky enough to lead digital work on clients such as Nissan USA, Dell, AT&T, Infiniti USA/Global, Hewlett Packard, Electronic Arts, Thomas’ Bread, Syncrude, Husky Oil, Mark’s Work Wearhouse, Canada’s Music Incubator, The Juno Awards  and many others. 

Ultimately, my focus is not just on chasing traffic, rankings, click through rates, social stats or other metrics but rather to help my clients develop their online brand and increase their bottom lines. Most importantly, I believe in conducting online marketing with character, integrity and honesty.

In my other life, I’m also a Berklee College of Music educated songwriter working with both independent and major label artists around the world. Just like in my experience in digital marketing, I’m passionate about storytelling and finding ways to reach audiences in the most effective & captivating ways.

Years of Experience?
Clients Worked On?

My Process



Do we fit? On a short introductory call, I’ll ask you about your business, your goals and what problem you need help to solving. Feel free during this time to ask me anything.



We’ll work together to find the solution to your problem.  I’ll then develop a statement of work of what needs to be done. Sometimes what you’ll need isn’t what I offer and if that happens I’ll try to help you find the right person.   



After I get an approved statement of work and the initiation payment, I’ll start working. BAM! We’re working together! 



Throughout the campaign you’ll be getting regular updates from me. You’ll also see formal reporting for me about your results.

Let's See if We're a Fit

I would love to hear about your project to see if we're the right fit for each other.